Vancouver & Yellowknife, Canada (2017 September) 1/2

What to do in Vancouver?

The main reason of this trip was to see the aurora! After checking the flights, the best, and cheapest route would be Hong Kong > Vancouver > Yellowknife. Thus, we take the opportunity to tour around Vancouver before our aurora mission. Because it was a family trip, we took things slowwwww and easy. So, what to do in Vancouver?

Part 1/2: Vancouver

Travel type: Family (4 pax)
When: 2017, September 14-18
Weather: Mild & clear skies, with rain occasionally. Temperature, 10-20°c
Flight: Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong > Vancouver, 12 hours)
Accommodation: Airbnb at Hamilton St.
Notes: Tipping services is necessary in Canada, about 10-20%

*Hong Kong is 16 hours ahead of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our Vancouver Accommodation

Cool! Collected our keys at “Key Cafe” at 7-11.

Not that strategically located, but affordable, and stocked with food for us!vancouver-accomodation-airbnb

Day 1 – Downtown: Vancouver Public Library, Gastown, Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Public Library, VPL is one of the hangout destination for the locals here. Outside, on the steps, some might be reading a book, some having a drink, some playing music, etc…. Also, it is a beautiful architecture building.
vancouver-public-library-vplvpl vpl-interior Continue reading