Shanghai City Tour

Shanghai City Tour (2014 May)

Almost coming to the end of this trip. What is Shanghai trip without a Shanghai city tour. While yesterday we got to see the “French Concession“, today we get to see the modern side of Shanghai.
Sky-high buildings are all blooming in the city. Other than Shanghai Tower (completed in September 2015) in construction, Shanghai has a lot of significant tall buildings such as Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. The downside of this modern city is that, it’s too hard to Continue reading


Shanghai Cheng Huang Temple

Shanghai Cheng Huang Temple (2014 May)

Shanghai Cheng Huang Temple is also known as City God Temple. It is an attractive place and shopping corner for visitors, so it is always crowded with people. There are many well-known Shanghai local food available in Chenghuang Ancient Street. Other than that, it is a good place to buy Continue reading


Shanghai Tianzifang

Shanghai Tianzifang (2014 May)

Shanghai Tianzifang (田子坊) is a tourist shopping & cafe area in the Old French Quarter. Unlike Xintiandi, which is more modern, Tianzifang has a more vintage feel. The buildings there preserved the original old-style architecture, with narrow alleys and streets surrounding them.
I love the uniqueness of cafes and pubs here. Tables and chairs are placed outside the shops along the alley. There are also benches for visitors to rest in Tianzifang. Continue reading


Shanghai Wuzhen

Shanghai Wuzhen (2014 May)

Shanghai Wuzhen is one of the six famous ancient water towns south of the Yangtze River. It’s within the triangle formed by three top tourist cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. It has charmingly restored architecture and canals. Though some people complain about its commercial atmosphere, restored buildings, and the crowds, the charm and the elegance of this ancient water town is undeniable.
-China Highlights

When the dark falls, this water town will be filled with lights, and probably the best time Continue reading


Shanghai Hangzhou

Shanghai Hangzhou (2014 May)

Hangzhou is well known for its natural beauty and historical & cultural heritages.

Tea Plantation

Our day started with a trip to the tea plantation. Hangzhou is also famous with its “LongJing” tea ( 龙井茶). Well, this visit includes a ‘shopping’ slot. The professional promoter introduced and promoted their tea so enthusiastically.
I was one of their purchaser. I still have lots of Continue reading


Shanghai Suzhou

Shanghai Suzhou (2014 May)

As we all know, when it comes to actual travelling, you cant exactly follow your planned itineraries. Well, we still went to Suzhou on our first day of this trip. Our first destination was Suzhou Lotus Garden, also known as Suzhou Ouyuan Garden.

Suzhou Ouyuan Garden

Ouyuan Garden (Lotus Garden) stands out among the famous classical gardens of Suzhou. It was built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and in 2000, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It composed of a large mansion and has houses built in the middle with two gardens set on each side.
It was raining while we were touring the garden. So we probably were unable Continue reading

Shanghai Itinerary

Shanghai Itinerary (2014, May 10-15)

This was my third company trip upon joining. First was to Korea in 2012, then to Japan in 2013, and this time, Shanghai. The initial Shanghai itinerary was as below:

Day 1, May 10 : Penang – Hong Kong Transit – Shanghai – Suzhou
⇒ Proceed to town area by Maglev Train
⇒ Dinner at Suzhou Jingji Lake
⇒ Watch World’s First Marquee (世界第一天幕) at Suzhou Harmony Plaza
⇒ Shopping at Guan Qian Street
⇒ Overnight at Suzhou

Day 2, May 11 : Suzhou – Wuzhen
⇒ Lotus Garden, a symbolic private garden in Suzhou & Hanshan Temple
⇒ Silk factory
⇒ Proceed to Wuzhen XIzha Scenic, which covers an area of three square kilometers, adjacent to the ancident Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and must take a ferry to enter. Wuzhen presents real authentic historic character of Jiangnan town.
⇒ Overnight at Wuzhen

Day 3, May 12 : Wuzhen – Hangzhou
⇒ Hangzhou Lei Feng Tower, also known as the West off Pagoda. This Pagoda has become China’s first colour bronze pagoda.
⇒ Hangzhou Tea Factory
⇒ Watch The Legend of Romance show
⇒ Overnight at Hangzhou

Day 4, May 13 : Hangzhou – Shanghai
⇒ Long Bridge Park, Flower Harbor, and take a boat ride at West Lake and LiuHe Pagoda
⇒ Shanghai ERA show
⇒ Overnight at Shanghai

Day 5, May 14 : Shanghai
⇒ Cheng Huang Temple, Nanjing Street & Shanghai World Financial Center
⇒ Shanghai Bao Shu Tang & Jade Factory (these are the places for you to ‘shop’)
⇒ River cruising at Huang Pu River & Xin Tian Di Bar Street
⇒ Overnight at Shanghai

Day 6, May 15 : Shanghai – Hong Kong Transit – Penang
⇒ Proceed to airport after breakfast