Yangon, Myanmar (2016 April) – 1/2

Yangon (part 1)

(traditional Burmese greeting which means auspicious to you)

Travel type: Solo
When: 2016 April 16 – 19 (4 days)
Weather: Hot!
Flight: Airasia (Penang-Yangon)
Currency: Kyat
Visa requirement: Yes. 50USD. Apply online

It was Thingyan, also known as the Burmese New Year Water Festival during my visit. The festival lasted for 4-5 days, normally in the mid-April, and declared as public holiday. If you are in Myanmar during Thingyan, prepare to get wet! People walk around with buckets of water or hose, spraying water on anyone passing by. There is no escaping for everyone on the street. This originates from the custom of washing away the bad luck of the previous year. Though there will be chaos and crowds on the street, most businesses close on Thingyan.

Day 1 

Reached the airport in the noon. Taxi fare was more expensive due to Continue reading