Boracay Water Activities at Bulabog

Boracay Water Activities at Bulabog (September 2013, Day 3)

Waking up earlier today to check on Ariel’s Point availability. The owner (I assume) of Bonzai Resort helped to call up and check. But to my disappointment, they are not going to do it due to the bad weather. *cries*  :-| 

So I sealed a deal with an agent at White Beach to try the ‘Helmet Diving’ at the other side, Bulabog Beach. Well, you can actually go to Bulabog Beach and negotiate a better price there. Bulabog Beach is just across the street. And since I was alone, Continue reading


Boracay White Beach Strolling

Boracay White Beach Strolling (2013 September, Day 2)

I was re-assigned to another room this morning, with air-cond, and stronger wifi connection! ^__^

So on this day, I decided to stroll along White Beach, and to make booking for Ariel’s Point cliff diving! While I was strolling, there were a lot of agents & ‘salesmen’ trying to sell me a lot of things, water activities, hats, sunglasses, water resistant pouch, etc. Continue reading