Seoul, Korea (2015 March)

Seoul, Korea (March 19-23)

A short trip to Seoul, Korea again for Shinhwa’s WE Concert. Didn’t go that many places this time as I spent half day queuing for Shinhwa concert merchandises and another day for their concert. It was my 4th time visiting Korea, my third for a concert and my second for Shinhwa’s concert. See below for my previous trips:
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Day 8-9: Taiwan Jiufen

Taiwan Jiufen (Day 9-10)

We hired a cab to drive us from Taipei to Jiufen, and also to make stops at several places as you will see in this post. We didn’t get any recommended drivers, we just booked one from the website. And good for us, the driver didn’t talk much. We prefer that… hehe  ;-)
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Day 5-6: Taiwan Nanzhuang Olive Tree Minsu

Taiwan Nanzhuang Olive Tree Minsu (Day 5 – 6)

Olive Tree Minsu is a wonderful minsu located in Nanzhuang. We went there just because of the minsu itself. Although the journey was long, it was a pleasant that we had the chance to stop by several places before reaching Olive Tree Minsu – Taichung, Zhunan and Nanzhuang old street.

Day 5 at Nanzhuang Olive Tree Minsu (南庄橄欖樹民宿)

How to get to Nanzhuang Olive Tree Minsu from Xitou Monster Village?Refer here.

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Day 4-5: Taiwan Xitou Monster Village

Taiwan Xitou Monster Village (妖怪村) (Day 4-5, December 2014)

Since we were already in Nantou, it was appropriate to visit Taiwan Xitou Monster Village. It is a small Japanese style village with lots of cute monster statues and red lanterns. Definitely a place for photography lovers. It’s highly recommended for family with kids. Well, of course it’s also suitable for everyone.

Day 4-5 Xitou Monster Village (妖怪村)

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Day 1-4: Taiwan Taichung & Cingjing

Taiwan Taichung & Cingjing (Day 1-4, December 2014)

I choose to arrive at Taiwan Taichung airport, because it is nearer to Cingjing which I will be going and of the cheaper airfare available back then. By the time I reached Taichung, it was already 10pm. Cab from airport to our accommodation, Plaza Hotel, was roughly NT$600, and we had to share with another passenger. Almost all the drivers tend to do that. Remember to prepare your accommodation address, in Chinese preferably, if you cannot speak Mandarin.

*More on our stay at Plaza Hotel*

Day 2 Taichung – Cingjing

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