Okinawa, Japan (2017 April)

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture, is the portal between Japan and the tropics. Okinawa’s climate is subtropical, with temperatures around 15 degrees in winter. The beaches, the seas, are just amazingly beautiful!

Travel type: Couple
When: 2017, April 1-9
Weather: Though sunny, it was cold with strong wind blowing occasionally
Flight: Peach (Hong Kong > Okinawa, 2h 45m)

Day 1: Hong Kong > Okinawa

Naha Airport LCC Terminal 
Reached Naha Airport Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Terminal in the evening. Passengers arriving at this terminal have to take a free shuttle bus to the domestic terminal. There’s no other way to leave other than the shuttle.

Car Rental with Paradise 
Some car rental company have their own shuttle bus, which will take you to their office. Our car rental was with Paradise, which doesn’t have a counter at LCC Terminal, so we proceeded to their counter at the domestic terminal. It was about 10 minutes for another bus ride from Naha Airport to Paradise office. Continue reading