Penang Short Trip

Penang Rush Trip

Flew to Penang for 3 days as I have to attend to some matters there. Thus I took the opportunity to meet up some friends and get as much food that I craved for all the while in Hong Kong.
Travel type: Solo
When: 2018, September 19-21
Flight: Airasia [Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) > Penang, 55 minutes]

Penang Road Laksa, Chendul, Char Koay Teow
I ate all these by myself! I was nearby and this is the place I could think of where I can eat so many good food at the same time.
Total amount: RM15.50 (Laksa RM5.50, Chendul RM3, Char koay teow RM7.00). Where can I find these awesomeness, both the food and the price in Hong Kong?!
**Psst: I like the small portion of food in Penang, so I can eat more varieties!  :lol:
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Penang Weekend Trip

Penang Weekend Trip (2014 December)

A short visit from my university mates over the weekend. A very simple and relaxing trip. A summary of our Penang weekend trip itinerary can be found here.

Day 1

Breakfast at Joo Leong Cafe

I picked up 2 of my friends from the airport around 10am and headed to have breakfast at Joo Leong Cafe, Bayan Lepas. This place is always crowded with people during breakfast time. famous for their toast, half boiled eggs, kopi (coffee) and nasi lemak. While waiting for the other friends to reach, we went to Continue reading


Exploring Georgetown

Exploring Georgetown (2015 December)

Breakfast at Toh Soon

Exploring Georgetown consists of wall arts, buildings and food, of course. We started off our day with a simple but delicious breakfast at Toh Soon, located at Campbell Street. Toh Soon is very famous for it’s eggs and toast. They serve several types of bread. Steamed, toast, with or without eggs, etc. I love the thick coffee and nasi lemak. We did enjoy our breakfast. Simple and lovely.

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This was rather scary up close.