Seoul, Korea (2015 March)

Seoul, Korea (March 19-23)

A short trip to Seoul, Korea again for Shinhwa’s WE Concert. Didn’t go that many places this time as I spent half day queuing for Shinhwa concert merchandises and another day for their concert. It was my 4th time visiting Korea, my third for a concert and my second for Shinhwa’s concert. See below for my previous trips:
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Korea – June 2012 – Flying To Seoul

Day 1 : Flying to Seoul

This was my 3rd trip to Korea since October 2011. My previous was in March 2012.  This time it was my company annual trip. So practically, I went to Korea 3 times in just 8 months period. @.@

We were flying with Cathay this time, transit at Hong Kong. We were stuck inside the airport from dawn till noon because of the typhoon in Hong Kong. When we reached Incheon Airport, it was already around 11 at night. So our first meal in Korea was McDonalds that the tour guides prepared.

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Korea – March 2012 – N Seoul Tower

Day 9 : N Seoul Tower

On the last day of my trip, I visited N Seoul Tower again. I took the cheap way to go up, that was, by shuttle bus. It was my first time taking the public bus in Korea. All the other times I only depended on the easier public transportation, the subway. To be honest it was rather easy. If you got off at the wrong stop, there’s always a subway nearby. :p     Continue reading


Korea – March 2012 – Mnet Countdown

Day 8 – Mnet Countdown

It was Shinhwa’s 1st comeback stage for the album, The Return. I made arrangement with a Singapore SHCJ the night before to attend this memorable stage at Mnet Countdown. We did some homework beforehand, and there were 3 things needed for the show: the latest album, digital download proof and the ringtone.

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Korea – March 2012 – BBQ Buffet at Sinchon

Day 6 : BBQ Buffet @ Sinchon

After our karaoke session at Luxury Noraebang, we headed to have a BBQ dinner at Sinchon. It was a buffet style, and was so cheap! Only KRW8000 per person! Although I admit that it was not like very delicious, but considering the price, it was good. ^^ I especially like the grilled cuttlefish.

The shop gave us a big plastic bag to put in our bags and jackets to protect them from all the grilled meat smells. Smart :)    Continue reading

SIng until the day gets dark :p

Day 6 – Luxury Noraebang at Hongdae

Day 6 – Luxury Noraebang at Hongdae

I must say this trip was kinda lazy. I always slept until almost noon. ><

So after lunch, we head out to hunt this Luxury Noraebang at Hongdae. Noraebang means karaoke room and Luxury Noraebang is one of the famous noraebang in Seoul. It had appeared in some k-dramas such as ‘Dream High’. It took us some time to find it. Smart phone is the greatest invention for travelling, which I didn’t own one back then. -.-

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Day 5 – Seoul Lotte World

Day 5 : Seoul Lotte World

I can’t remember how I got the free tickets to Seoul Lotte World. I think they were from some online event I participated and won. So, since it’s free, why not? :Þ

Lotte World is a theme park with all kinds of rides, an ice skating rink, stage shows, parades, a folk museum, a lake and much more.

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