Cambodia Angkor Wat

Cambodia Angkor Wat (2014 July)

Angkor Wat is a must for tourists in Cambodia. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, also a significant World Heritage monument in South East Asia.
We set out very early in the morning, around 6:30am, because we wanted to see the sunrise. We had the hotel prepared our breakfast so that we can eat at Angkor Wat. Thumbs up for Angkor Pearl Hotel. ;-) It was already crowded with visitors when we reached. We had our photos taken for our ‘personalised’ visit pass.

We only hired driver in advance for our Angkor Wat tour, which he will Continue reading


Cambodia Siem Reap

Cambodia Siem Reap (2014 July)

We reached Cambodia Siem Reap very early in the morning, around 6. We had arranged our guide to fetch us to our hotel, Angkor Pearl Hotel. We were greeted by cold refreshing drinks upon our arrival at the hotel. In Cambodia, there are rarely tall buildings. So, do not expect lifts in hotel. the staffs in this hotel help us with our luggages though.
Since we can’t check-in yet, we head out after freshen up and leaving our luggages with the hotel.  Continue reading