Cambodia Phnom Penh

Cambodia Phnom Penh (2014 July)

This was a long planned trip with my ex-university friends. We booked the cheap flights during AA promo almost a year ago. We actually booked Siem Reap return flights, because we were unaware of where we really want to visit. In the end we booked another KL-Phnom Penh flight 2 months before our trip. So we wasted some money on flights.  :-|

Seems like this trip didn’t have a smooth starter. One of my friend forgot his passport upon reaching the airport. And after all the rushing to and fro, he was unable to go.   :cry:

Phnom Penh

Upon reaching the airport, getting the local sim card package is a must. We only stayed for a day in Phnom Penh. We will take the night bus, Giant Ibis to Siem Reap.


First of all, a sim card for our ease of telecommunication.

Our airport taxi ride

Our airport taxi ride


Budget accommodation, Riverwalk Guesthouse

Went to change some local currencies

Went to change some local currencies


Malaysia Restaurant ^^

Post office discovered!

Post office discovered!


Sending postcards

To our friend who couldn't make it to this Cambodia trip

To our friend who couldn’t make it to this Cambodia trip

We didn’t plan in advance for our Phnom Penh visit, so we just randomly walked around, and asked the Guesthouse to book a van for us to go to the Killing Fields, which cost us USD50, and I think the price was a bit high. Well, better to pre book it before you come.

Killing Fields

The Killing Fields are a number of sites in Cambodia where collectively more than a million people were killed and buried by the communist Khmer Rouge regime. The best known monument of the Killing Fields is at the village of Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh.
Admission fee was USD6, and still remains at USD6 today.  :-)


Story teller, available in Mandarin & English.

Story teller, available in Mandarin, English and other 13 languages

phnom-penh-killing-field-2phnom-penh-killing-field-3phnom-penh-killing-field-story-1 phnom-penh-killing-field-story-2 phnom-penh-killing-field-story-3 phnom-penh-killing-field-story-4 phnom-penh-killing-field-story-5 phnom-penh-killing-field-story-6


After the emotional tour, we went to one of the market in Phnom Penh for food and shopping.

My stylish friend waiting for food

My stylish friend waiting for food

World Cup in Phnom Penh KFC

World Cup rave in Phnom Penh KFC

Cambodia famous local dish, spring roll

Cambodia famous local dish, spring roll

We freshen up in our accommodation before our night bus ride with Giant Ibis that night. It’s with sleeping beds, so we can really sleep. We thought the front beds would be nice, but it ended up that the driver keep chatting with some sleepless passenger. So better opt for the middle beds next time.

Photo credit : Move To Cambodia

Cambodia Siem Reap
Angkor Wat Siem Reap