Cambodia Siem Reap

Cambodia Siem Reap (2014 July)

We reached Cambodia Siem Reap very early in the morning, around 6. We had arranged our guide to fetch us to our hotel, Angkor Pearl Hotel. We were greeted by cold refreshing drinks upon our arrival at the hotel. In Cambodia, there are rarely tall buildings. So, do not expect lifts in hotel. the staffs in this hotel help us with our luggages though.
Since we can’t check-in yet, we head out after freshen up and leaving our luggages with the hotel. 

Psar Chaa (Old Market)

This market is one of the most popular among others in Siem Reap. Tourist going to love this place. There are all kind of stuffs you can get from here. And varieties of food too. Nearby, there are tones of cafes, restaurants and pubs.
We had our breakfast inside the market.




Char siew rice

Char siew rice

Chicken rice

Chicken rice

We then head to the place where all the shopping taking place. We bought souvenirs such as magnets, t-shirts, keychains, etc from here. My friends also bought some paintings. And we all bought a cheap Brazil jersey, after surveying so many stalls, at USD5.50 per piece.
We happened to have a lot of tea breaks because of the hot weather. The fruit juice were mostly only at USD1. Same goes for the beer.


Mango pancake for our tea break , recommended ^^

Dinner at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

This restaurant was awarded Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor in 2014. So we decided to give it a visit. And the food definitely didn’t disappoint us.


I love the spring rolls!

I love the spring rolls!