Day 5 – Edae Shopping

Day 5 – Edae Shopping

Edae is the short form for Ewha Women University. The street between the Ewha Station and Ewha Women’s University is considered one of the hottest shopping areas for young women in Korea. Prices of the stuffs sold here are quite reasonable, and fashionable too. Edae shopping has become one of the must for Seoul visitors, particularly the teenagers and young female adults.  :-D 

Nickhun ~

Nickhun ~

I was excited to see so many stars there… on the board… haha


CNBlue with Holika Holika back then….


Evisu with lots of 2pm in my hand… and I don’t know why was I smiling like that.

There are a lot to shop here, especially for the girls. I was in love with hoodies at that time and I bought 4 hoodies there, from as low as KRW10,000. I also bought a few tops, ranging from KRW5000-10,000. Since It was October, most of the clothing are ‘autumn style’. Not that suitable for our hot climate in Malaysia. But still I manage to grab quite a bit of cheap stuff there.

Well, other than shopping, there are a lot to eat there too.

To get to this place, get off at Station Ewha Woman’s University, either exit 1 or 2.