Hong Kong Cheung Chau

Hong Kong Cheung Chau (2014 February)

My second time visiting Hong Kong since 2008, and my first time going to Cheung Chau. Cheung Chau is one of the many small islands of Hong Kong. We took the ferry from Central (Pier No. 5) to Cheung Chau. Fast ferry ride took about 40 minutes, while the ordinary ferry ride is about 60 minutes.  Please refer to ‘First Ferry‘ for further information on ferry and fare schedule.


At the pier


It was very very cold due to the windy breeze!


Colourful Cheung Chau <3


Curry fishball


Warm food for cold day


Heard that this place is good, but it was closed that day >.<

After this visit, I recommend to go on weekends or during Hong Kong public holidays. I went on a weekday and it seems so quite and not much shops were open for business.


International Finance Centre (IFC), at the heart of Central, consists of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings, a luxury shopping mall and cinema, Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Place.


International Finance Centre (IFC), near to Central Ferry Pier

Dinner at 香港仔一品鱼蛋王

This restaurant located nearby the hotel I was staying, Best Western Hotel Harbour View. It was delicious. I would love to recommend this place but the location was kinda hard to reach for tourist, I guess.