Day 4 – Mount Fuji

Day 4 – Mount Fuji

After a day at Disney, we proceeded to the famous Japan Mount Fuji, also know as Fujisan (富士山). We spent a night nearby, at Hamayou Resort. This resort has both indoor and outdoor natural hot spring… well, no photos for you of course.. haha… The room is large, with a bed and also space for tatami.   

Hamayou Resort, Mount Fuji

Hamayou Resort, Mount Fuji

Luxurious dinner - sashimi boat....

Luxurious dinner – sashimi boat….

The next morning we went to Mount Fuji visitor center. Took some nice photos of Mount Fuji from there. Our tour guide mentioned that the view of Mount Fuji is not always visible due to the weather and clouds movement.

Then we drove to 4th station of Mount Fuji, which is vehicle accessible. 5th station, is the highest station for vehicles to access, but was closed that day due to the bad weather. The cold wind blowing was unbearable. I went out briefly, then rushed back to the bus. ><


Mount Fuji view… We were lucky ^^


From inside the bus, 4th Station Mount Fuji.

Lunch of the day

Lunch of the day

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