Japan Shopping and Souvenirs

Japan Shopping and Souvenirs (September 2013)

Japan is famous for their nice packaging. Thus, your Japan shopping and souvenirs will be bit hard, if you are a budget traveler. I bought this Hello Kitty Chocolate Candy as souvenir at some local convenience shop. There were also a lot of other cute cartoon characters packaging for this chocolate candy.

The most I bought in Japan, must be the snacks. Oh, and the beers. I love trying the different tastes of their fruity beers.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Candy

Hello Kitty Chocolate Candy


Osaka Hard Rock Earrings ^^


Cute Snoopy kid’s undies from Universal Studio


Loots from Japan!

Other than the food, most of the stuffs were from DisneySea and Universal Studios. I missed out the opportunity to buy the souvenirs from the shopping street (Nakamise) of Asakusa.

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