Kaohsiung and Kenting (2016 December)

Kaohsiung and Kenting

Travel type: Sisters/Family
When: 2016 December 24-29

Day 1-3: Chiayi & Alishan
Day 3-5: Tainan

Day 5 : Kaohsiung

Train Tainan to Kaohsiung: NT$106 (MYR14), 40 minutes. Will be enjoying the remaining days in Kaohsiung and Kenting with my other sister and her family.

Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Centre, Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway
A very nice public open space. It seems like an ideal hangout spot for the locals here especially the families.
kaohsiung-upside-down-housekaohsiung-upside-down-house-2 trainhamasen-museum-taiwan-railway

Ruifeng Night Market

Day 6 : Kenting

Took a cab (4 adults + 1 child) from Kaohsiung to Kenting. Can’t remember how much, but definitely a better option if you are travelling in group.
Rented an electric bike/scooter to explore Kenting.

Sail Rock (Chuanfanshi)

Eluanbi Lighthouse

Kenting Night Market
Had some street food such as grilled squid, baked sweet potato, etc. Finally the real food, seafood! A lot of seafood restaurants available there. We just randomly picked one. But then diarrhoea got me the next day. Just me. Only me. I suspect it was the raw seafood.  :cry:
kenting-night-market-scallop kenting-grilled-squidkenting-night-market-seafood

Day 7 : Kenting


Houbihu Marina
houbihu-marinakenting-sea-urchin kenting-sea-urchin-2

kenting-maobitou kenting-maobitou-2

White Sand Bay (Baishawan)

Day 8 : Kenting > Kaohsiung

Took the cab back to Kaohsiung in the morning.

Legend Hotel, a cutesy cartoon theme hotel
This is the hotel we were staying for the remaining days in Kaohsiung. Every floor has different cartoon painting. Kids love it. I love it too.
kaohsiung-legend-hotel-1 kaohsiung-legend-hotel-cartoon kaohsiung-legend-hotel-lift-cartoonkaohsiung-legend-hotel-lobby-train

Fo Guang Shan Temple
foguangshan-temple foguangshan-temple-4 foguangshan-temple-2

Formosa Boulevard Station

Dream Mall

Day 8 : Kaohsiung

Dragon Tiger Pagoda, Lotus Pond
dragon-tiger-pagoda-kaohsiung-1 dragon-tiger-pagoda-kaohsiung-2 dragon-tiger-pagoda-kaohsiung-3 dragon-tiger-pagoda-kaohsiung-5 koahsiung-lotus-pond

Cijin Island
A less than 5 minutes ferry ride to Cijin Island. It is cheaper using their EasyCard. Whatever public transportation, it’s just cheaper using EasyCard.
cijin-electric-bike-4-peoplecijin-rainbow-churchcijin-black-sand-beachcijin-tunnelcijin-windmills cijin-crab

MLD Reading
A huge gallery-type book store in Kaohsiung. Worth a trip if you like gallery visit.
mld-reading-kaohsiung-1 mld-reading-kaohsiung-2 mld-reading-kaohsiung-3

Day 10 : Kaohsiung > Hong Kong

Kaohsiung Airport
Flight delayed? Have some time to kill in Kaohsiung Airport? Lots of shops for you to use up you Taiwanese $ and lots of decoration you can take photos!
Kaohsiung-airport-1 kaohsiung-airport-2 kaohsiung-airport-3