Korea – June 2012 – Flying To Seoul

Day 1 : Flying to Seoul

This was my 3rd trip to Korea since October 2011. My previous was in March 2012.  This time it was my company annual trip. So practically, I went to Korea 3 times in just 8 months period. @.@

We were flying with Cathay this time, transit at Hong Kong. We were stuck inside the airport from dawn till noon because of the typhoon in Hong Kong. When we reached Incheon Airport, it was already around 11 at night. So our first meal in Korea was McDonalds that the tour guides prepared.

We stayed for a night at Mercure Hotel, Gangnam.

seoul-gangnam-mercure-hotel-1  seoul-gangnam-mercure-hotel-3

seoul-gangnam-mercure-hotel-4  seoul-gangnam-mercure-hotel-2

Places that we went for this trip includes : Jeju, Seoraksan, Everland and of course, Seoul. It was a hectic trip, with a super ego and annoying tour guide. -_-