Korea – June 2012 – Jeju (Yongduam Rock) & Everland

Day 4 : Jeju (Yongduam Rock) & Everland

Jeju – Yongduam Rock

Preparing to leave Jeju Island. Below is a view from my room at Jeju Ocean Suites Hotel.


Our morning destination was the Yongduam Rock, also known as Dragon Head Rock. It’s called so because of the formation. Take a look yourself… what do you think?   




So, I visited Everland again. My last visit was 8 months ago. You can read my entry here.



A squirrel spotted

A squirrel spotted

During this visit, we only manage to spend a few hours there. It was quite disappointing since there were so many things we can do there. I love thrill rides, so I rode the T Express again!


Can you spot T Express?

After all the thrills, we queued for an hour to get into the Safari for just 10 minutes. We got to see something worthy, or not? Kekeke~


This Double Rock Spin… I have to ride it, next time…….