Korea – June 2012 – Jeju (Seongsan Ilchulbong, Pony Ranch & Teddy Bear Museum)

Day 3 : Jeju (Seongsan Ilchulbong, Pony Ranch & Teddy Bear Museum)

Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)



jeju-seongsan-ilchulbong-1  jeju-seongsan-ilchulbong-4


One of my favourites in Korea.. this ice-cream makes me happy ^^

Jeju Pony Ranch

Upon arriving, we were given a set of ‘cowboy uniform’, a hat and a vest. And then, we are ready to ride the horse. From my experience, if you are scared of the ‘furry’ things, wear a long pants. I got a little uncomfortable when the nearby horses came close and touching my legs. ><




The staff will take a photo of you on the horse, and if you want to print it, on a piece of A4 paper, it’s KRW15,000 ~.~

Teddy Bear Museum

If you love teddy bear, you must visit this place. Loaded with a lot, different teddy bears, from long time ago. Also, perfect for photo session.




Ooppsss……. 18+

jeju-teddy-bear-museum-4 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-6 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-7 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-8 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-11 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-12  jeju-teddy-bear-museum-15 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-16 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-20 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-21 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-26 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-23 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-3 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-13 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-17 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-18 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-25 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-24

As you can see from the photos above, there are a lot of themes created using the teddy bears, such as, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Beatles, Disneyland and Terracotta Army.


Jeju Teddy Bear Museum has an outdoor display area. This is a great place for  your photos to be taken with teddy bears and their friends.

jeju-teddy-bear-museum-33jeju-teddy-bear-museum-31jeju-teddy-bear-museum-32jeju-teddy-bear-museum-29 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-30 jeju-teddy-bear-museum-34

The Starbucks opposite Teddy Bear Museum has a very nice facade. It’ll be nice having a cup of coffee there after your visit to the museum.

Starbucks opposite the Teddy Bear Museum

Starbucks opposite the Teddy Bear Museum