Korea – March 2012 – Apgujeong

Day 7 – Wandering Around Apgujeong

After visits to Kyochon Chicken & Kona Beans, we kinda visited those K-pop artists companies/offices around Apgujeong. The first one we came to was JYP. There were a bunch of fangirls at a cafe opposite the building. No artist to be seen… haha…


JYP Entertainment

Below is the old Cube Entertainment I visited back then. The walls were filled with fans handwriting.


Cube Entertainment… years ago…

I have no intention to visit SMe, but while aimlessly walking around, I spotted this building.


SM Entertainment

apgujeong-lv  apgujeong-cartier  apgujeong-lv-2

It was a rather relaxing day. Just walking around Apgujeong, with cold breeze blowing… brrr….