Kuala Sepetang + Trong Leisure Farm & Resort

Kuala Sepetang + Trong Leisure Farm & Resort (2015 January)

A half day trip to Perak Kuala Sepetang + Trong Leisure Farm & Resort.

Kuala Sepetang

Lunch at “Restoran Tepi Sungai”
Restoran (Malay) = Restaurant
Tepi sungai (Malay) = Riverside

Some river views from the restaurant: kuala-sepetang-01 kuala-sepetang-02 kuala-sepetang-03

Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory
An interesting tour to see how charcoal is being made. Mangrove wood made into charcoal using bricks & clay kilns. Could be an educational tour or just for leisure!kuala-sepetang-charcoal-factory kuala-sepetang-charcoal-factory-03 kuala-sepetang-charcoal-factory-02

Trong Leisure farm & Resort

What you can do at Trong Leisure Fm & Resort:
1. Visit the Duck Farm
2. Feed the ducks
3. Ride Ducky Paddle Boats
4. Stay at lakeside resort
5. Eat at Trong Seafood Restaurant

trong-duck-farm-01 trong-duck-farm-02trong-duck-farm-03 trong-duck-farm-04trong-duck-farm-05 trong-duck-farm-06 trong-duck-farm-07