Ipoh 2 Days Trip

2012 November : Ipoh 2 Days Trip

Me and 2 of my friends decided to meet up and have a weekend trip to Ipoh. It was more like a catch up since we were scattered from north to south, with one in Penang, one in KL & one in Singapore. After picking up my friend who reached KLIA from Singapore, we had breakfast at McDonalds, the simplest and most convenience place.

Tanjung Tualang Freshwater Prawn

We drove to Tanjung Tualang for lunch. Recommended by my friend, we had the freshwater prawn at Luen Fung Restaurant. It was quite delicious. ^^ Recommended to give it a try.   


Yummy freshwater prawns at Luen Fung Restaurant, Tanjung Tualang

 Luen Fung Restaurant Google map location : 4.3208372, 100.9687412

Ipoh Old Town White Coffee

We then proceed to the place with famous Ipoh white coffee. There are a few shops there, we chose Sin Yoon Loong. The place was very crowded since it was Saturday. Not sure if it’ll be that busy on weekdays. The coffee was thick and nice, but my favourite was the steamed egg custard! The texture was soft and was topped with sweet caramel. So nice! I so want to have one now <3


Tea break at Sin Yoon Loong with steamed egg custard and Ipoh white coffee <3

Sin Yoon Loong Cafe Google map location : 4.593184, 101.077048

Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice

There are two very notable Chicken Rice shops in Ipoh. One is Lou Wong, another is Onn Kee. I just realised there are 2 Onn Kee restaurant as I looked up the restaurants location through Google. One is behind Lou Wong, another is opposite -.-

My Ipoh friend said the locals will frequent Onn Kee more while the tourists will go to Lou Wong. We went to Onn Kee. Wrong choice! The one we had was behind Lou Wong. It was not tasty at all. Not sure if the food of the two Onn Kee restaurants taste the same.


2 Onn Kee and 1 Lou Wong

2 Onn Kee and 1 Lou Wong

Onn Kee Restaurant Google map location : 4.593986,101.0840376

Movie at TGV Kinta City

Don’t know what to do at night after dinner, we opted to watch a movie. Glad that we had a nice movie, Cold War (寒戰) starring Tony Leung, Aaron Kwok and guest starring Andy Lau. We wanted to have supper after the movie, but then we were too tired. Zzz……


Foh San Restaurant 富山茶楼

Ipoh is famous for it’s dim sum too! So, for breakfast we went to Foh San Restaurant and got very luck to have a table. People always say you have to wait for table because of the crowd. The food were ok. Not exceptionally tasteful, but ok. ^^


Foh San Restaurant Google map location: 4.59692,101.086117

Ching Han Guan Biscuit Shop 鐘漢元餅舖

Before leaving Ipoh, we went to Ching Han Guan Biscuit Shop for some biscuits shopping. The shop’s meat floss lotus paste biscuit is very famous. Most of the time you need to call up to order first because they might be out of stock. 3 of us only managed to buy 1 box of the famous biscuit. It’s a good idea to get them as souvenirs.

There is another well known biscuit shop, just opposite Ching Han Guan, called Guan Heong Biscuit Shop.


Ching Han Guan vs Guan Heong

Ching Han Guan Biscuit Shop Google Map location: 4.593557,101.083637