Penang Short Trip

Penang Rush Trip

Flew to Penang for 3 days as I have to attend to some matters there. Thus I took the opportunity to meet up some friends and get as much food that I craved for all the while in Hong Kong.
Travel type: Solo
When: 2018, September 19-21
Flight: Airasia [Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) > Penang, 55 minutes]

Penang Road Laksa, Chendul, Char Koay Teow
I ate all these by myself! I was nearby and this is the place I could think of where I can eat so many good food at the same time.
Total amount: RM15.50 (Laksa RM5.50, Chendul RM3, Char koay teow RM7.00). Where can I find these awesomeness, both the food and the price in Hong Kong?!
**Psst: I like the small portion of food in Penang, so I can eat more varieties!  :lol:

Pan mee and Nasi Lemak Bungkus
Brunch at Restoran Weng Lee! One of my favourite pan mee is available here. ;-)  Price around RM4

You know what, nasi lemak bungkus* is the best nasi lemak! So simple yet so delicious. And cheap too! Price RM1.50.
*Bungkus means wrapped
nasi-lemak-bungkus nasi-lemak-bungkus-2

Tom yam @ Restaurant Lye Lee
Pardon me. I forgot to take a photo before I dive in. I must be hungry. Price RM7-9.

Prawn Mee aka Hokkien Mee @ Simn Kah Poh Cafe
Dinner with sister. Hokkien mee with umbra drink.

Pampering myself at Teratak Spa
I’ve always wanted to have a body scrub at spa and after googling for while, I found Teratak Spa. A very nice experience at the spa. I enjoyed the body scrub a lot, but not so much for the facial. Check their website for price list.
teratak-spa-pg teratak-spa-welcome-drinkpenang-body-scrub

Grab (Ride-hailing transport service)
I took Grab for my travelling in Penang. I wouldn’t say very cheap but it’s affordable and very convenient. Download the app: