Tainan, Taiwan (2016 December)


Travel type: Sisters
When: 2016 December 22-24

Day 1-3: Chiayi & Alishan
Day 5-9: Kaohsiung & Kenting

Day 3 : Tainan

Train Chiayi to Tainan: NT$139 (MYR20), 41 minutes.
Met up with my elder sister in Tainan, and off to Wusheng night market for dinner. Do we look alike?  :roll:

Day 4 : Tainan

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. It has always been recognised as a city with deep culture and history.

Anping Walk Tour
Anping Old Street Walking Tour Map 1
Anping Old Street Walking Tour Map 2

Anping Fort
Entrance fee: NT$50 (Full), NT$25(Concession)

Anping Kaitai Matsu Temple

Old Tait & Co. Merchant House

Random Spots around Anping

Sicao Green Tunnel
Sicao Green Tunnel is the earliest canal developed in Taiwan that was used to transport salt products back then. It is now a well reserved wetland for tourism. The 30 minutes raft ride costs NT150 (~MYR20). The view is amazingly beautiful! It feels like going through a fairy tunnel.
sicao-green-tunnel-raft sicao-green-tunnel-passenger
sicao-green-tunnel-1 sicao-green-tunnel-2

Salt Field Ecological & Cultural Village
It was too quiet when I visited this place, almost like a ghost town. I did some research and realised this place actually only operating during holidays. This area actually offer two points to visit:
1. Anshan Salt Field
2. Taijiang Cetacean Museum (whale museum)
salt-field-tainan-sun anshun-salt-field-ecological-cultural-centre anshun-salt-field-sunset

Hayashi Department Store
This five-storey house was first opened in 1932 during the Japanese Colonial Era. The building was damaged in WWII but fortunately it was classified as Municipal Heritage Site in 1998 and reopened as a department store in 2013 after restoration and remodelling. There is a Shinto shrine built during the Japanese Colonial Era on the rooftop which you can go up and have a view of Tainan streets. This store gathered a lot of local brands including clothing, household items and delicacies. You can also find retro cafes and tea shops here. A place worth visiting.
tainan-hayashi-department-store hayashi-department-store-gf hayashi-department-store-clothing hayashi-department-store-rooftop-shrine

Day 5 : Tainan 

Shennong Street
Shennong Street was one of the busiest streets during Qing Dynasty. It was very well preserved and in the mid 90’s it was turned into a cultural zone. Now the street has become a spot for walks, photographies, coffees at the renovated houses turn cafe or visits to the small art galleries. Well, definitely instaworthy spot!
*There’s a postcard vending machine. Buy it, write it, put it into the box attached to the machine and it will be delivered!
shennong-street-1 shennong-street-postcard-machine shennong-street-2 shennong-street-3 shennong-street-4 shennong-street-5 shennong-street-human-head-flower-pot shennong-street-window-art

Confucius Temple
This temple endured numerous wars and natural disasters and has gone through more than 30 reconstructions.
confucius-temple-1 confucius-temple-2 confucius-temple-3 confucius-temple-4 confucius-temple-5

tainan-dog tainan-squirreltainan-1