Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong

Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong (2014 February)

My first Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong, also my first Valentine’s with him. After my Kowloon Park visit earlier, we walked to our dinner destination, Aqua. Aqua is a stylish Italian & Japanese restaurant located at Tsim Sha Tsui overlooking Victoria Harbour Waterfront.

1881 Heritage

While on our way to Aqua, we passed by 1881 Heritage. They had this nice Valentine’s themed decorations going on, with crowds queuing to take photos.


hk-1881-vday-3   hk-1881-vday-4   hk-1881-vday-2

Dinner at Aqua


Beautiful Hong Kong Victoria Harbour night view from Aqua



Main Dish 1

Main Dish 1

Main dish 2

Main dish 2



hk-aqua-valentines-dinner    hk-aqua-valentines-dinner-2    hk-aqua-valentines-photo

St. Valentine at Aqua 2014 Menu

Harbour Walk

There were a light lanterns parade, some performances and lots of decorations along the waterfront that night. I assume because both Valentine’s Day and ‘Chap Goh Mei’ falls on the same day. Also, a lot of flower sellers.

hk-valentines-pier-2hk-lantern-3hk-valentines-pier-4    hk-lantern-love    hk-lantern-4    hk-lantern-1    hk-event-lights-1    hk-event-1    hk-valentines-pier-1    hk-valentines-pier-3    hk-valentines-pier-clock