Vancouver & Yellowknife, Canada (2017 September) 1/2

What to do in Vancouver?

The main reason of this trip was to see the aurora! After checking the flights, the best, and cheapest route would be Hong Kong > Vancouver > Yellowknife. Thus, we take the opportunity to tour around Vancouver before our aurora mission. Because it was a family trip, we took things slowwwww and easy. So, what to do in Vancouver?

Part 1/2: Vancouver

Travel type: Family (4 pax)
When: 2017, September 14-18
Weather: Mild & clear skies, with rain occasionally. Temperature, 10-20°c
Flight: Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong > Vancouver, 12 hours)
Accommodation: Airbnb at Hamilton St.
Notes: Tipping services is necessary in Canada, about 10-20%

*Hong Kong is 16 hours ahead of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our Vancouver Accommodation

Cool! Collected our keys at “Key Cafe” at 7-11.

Not that strategically located, but affordable, and stocked with food for us!vancouver-accomodation-airbnb

Day 1 – Downtown: Vancouver Public Library, Gastown, Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Public Library, VPL is one of the hangout destination for the locals here. Outside, on the steps, some might be reading a book, some having a drink, some playing music, etc…. Also, it is a beautiful architecture building.
vancouver-public-library-vplvpl vpl-interior

Gastown is the city’s oldest neighbourhood. It is named for “Gassy” Jack Deighton, who arrived in 1867 to open the area’s first saloon. One of the most famous icon must be the Steam Clock, one of only a few in the world that still works. Every quarter hour, the Steam Clock shows off a bit, whistling and shooting steam from its five whistles. On the hour it marks each hour with a toot from each whistle. Actually, only the whistles are steam and the clockworks are electric. 8-)

gassy-jack steam-clock-gastown

Final item of the day was the Vancouver Lookout. The tower atop the office building makes it one of the tallest structures in Vancouver and a prominent landmark on the city’s skyline. You can come back to the tower several time on the same day. We left for dinner and went back for the night view.
view-lookout-towervancouver-lookout-sunsetinside-vancouver-lookoutcanada-place-vancouver-lookoutsunset-vancouver-lookout photo-taking taking-photo

Our dinner at Momo Sushi, a short walking distance away from Vancouver Lookout. Recommended.

Day 2 – Stanley Park: Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Seawall

Fortunately we found an online platform to book cab, Yellow Cab Vancouver, as there were not many cabs in the area we stayed. Remember to tip the driver, between 10% to 20% of the fare.
We took the cab to Stanley Park after our lunch at Delicious Pho and got off at Rose Garden. Beautiful sky that day!
stanley-park-drawn-horse-tour Rose Garden Stanley Park Pavillion

A short walking distance away is Vancouver Aquarium. Got to see all the cute aquatic animals here. Love the sea otters, so much!!!
Sea otterSea otter munching ice cubefull tank of jellyfish
Sea otter Harbour seal penguins sea turtle clown fish aka nemo 

A lovely stroll along the beautiful Stanley Drive before heading to our next destination.
stanley-drive-01stanley-drive-03stanley-drive-09stanley-drive-02 stanley-drive-05 stanley-drive-06 stanley-drive-04 stanley-drive-07 stanley-drive-08

We then took the cab to Science World. You can see the beautiful night view with all the lights on across the dock.

Science World

Science World

BC Place Stadium, Western Canada's premier venue for live events

BC Place Stadium, Western Canada’s premier venue for live events

Day 3 – Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada Place

Tickets to Capilano Suspension Bridge can be bought at Canada place, where free shuttle is available. Capilano Suspension Bridge is 450 ft (137m) long, 230 ft (70m) high. The other two main attractions are Treetops Adventure and Cliffwalk. We spent about 4 hours here. Remember to check the shuttle schedule!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Treetops Adventure

Capilano Treetops Adventure

Capilano Cliffwalk

Capilano Cliffwalk

capilano-4capilano-me capilano-me-2 capilano-3 capilano-souvenir-shop capilano-owl capilano-squirrel capilano-suspension-bridge-back capilano-treetop capilano-entrance


Took the shuttle back to Canada Place. There is this thing called FlyOver Canada which is a flight simulation ride that you can consider taking. I didn’t do it though.
canada-placeview-from-canada-placecanada-place-eveningcanada-place-flyover vancouver-downtown-view-from-canada-place canada-place-night

Day 4 – Grainville Island & English Bay

Took the ferry from Yaletown Ferry Dock to Grainville Island. There are 2 companies available, Aquabus and False Creek Ferries. I always love taking unique transportation at foreign cities!
aquabus-grainville-ferrygrainville-public-market grainville-public-market-fruit-stall

Hop onto the ferry again from Grainville Island to English Bay and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Also stopped by at “A-maze-ing Laughter”, some bronze sculptures of an artist laughing for some photos.
Dinner at Gyudonya, a small Japanese Rice Bowls restaurant in Downtown. Food was pretty good.
english-bay-beach-inukshukenglish-bay-inukshukenglish-bay-beach-duska-maze-ing-laughter a-maze-ing-laughter-vancouver gyudonya-vancouver-japanese-food

Day 5 – Grouse Mountain

Same as Capilano, tickets to Grouse Mountain can be bought at Canada place, free shuttle.
grouse-mountain-cable-car-from-top grouse-mountain-grizzly-bear grouse-mountain-bear-foot-print
grouse-mountain-ice-snow grouse-mountain-ice grouse-mountain-shop grouse-mountain-grizzly grouse-mountain-bear-size-chart grouse-mountain-peak-chairlift-ride